[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea) – KoreaMall.com.my
[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea)
[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea)
[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea)
[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea)

[Runslow] Probio Rich Formula Melting Cream (50ml dari Korea)

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Krim probiotik ringan yang melembapkan kulit dengan sempurna. Mengandungi Shea Butter dan
Kompleks Probiotik, ia menyuburkan dan melembapkan kulit secara mendalam. Susu Kacang Soya
kemudian meremajakan dan mencegah cela manakala Aloe Vera kemudian menenangkan dan menghidrat
kulit sepanjang hari dan sepanjang malam. Tekstur krim lembut dan licin yang
mudah merebak dan meleleh ke dalam kulit.

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Customer Reviews

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I bought this during event at Kl trillion . they suggested me since I have dry skin . after few days using it , my dry skin improve and im impre4ss its really blends well with my foundation . i can u matted foundation without any worry .



Maggie Gan

Honestly, I was so excited to receive this moisturiser because this lightweight non-sticky cream is formulated with 7 types of hyaluronic acids for skin hydration, firmness, skin tone improvement and supple skin texture. 😍

After using it for about 2 weeks (AM & PM), I can say that this cream going to be in my list soon. It provides long lasting hydration and leaving my skin moiturised without causing skin irritations or breakouts. I noticed my skin complexion improved too. My skin became soft, hydrated, moisturised, brighter and glowy! ✨✨✨

However, I need to use it for more longer time to see the effectiveness in reducing the fine lines appearance. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the results which it keeps my skin looking smooth and youthful! 💗

✔Texture ⭐: Lightweight 5/5
✔Effectiveness ⭐: 4.5/5
✔Overall ⭐: 5/5


Thank you for the fast delivery.
I think it's best to buy as a set. It seems to be good to use with ceramide essence cream.


Purchased on the recommendation of a friend.

It is good to use with triple mushroom ceramide essence.
I bought the essence and cream as a set.