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7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam (150ml/30ml)
7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam (150ml/30ml)
7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam (150ml/30ml)
7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam (150ml/30ml)
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7 Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam (150ml/30ml)

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​✔️ Feature

  • Nature originated ingredient for Cleaning and Hydration at the same time.
  • 7-Days Secret Centella Cica Cleansing Foam helps soothe the damage skin lacking oil and moisture and supplies elasticity and moisture to the skin at the same time.
  • Centella Cica Cleansing Foam is
    • Deep deansing by mild foam: The rich and dense bubble completely removes waste and sebum in pores.
    • Care for problematic skin during washing: It contains Centella Cica ingredient excellent for skin protection and soothing by preventing excessive exfoliation.
    • Moist without puling after washing: Sodium hyaluronate ingredient maintains skin hydrated without pulling after washing.
  • Mild foam with superior washing power and quadruple care removes waste from pores: Wrinkles care/Enhance elasticity/Relieve problems/Skin soothing/Whitening

​✔️ Ingredients

  • Skin recovery & Moisture Supply Solution During Washing
  • Centella Asiatica: Excellent for wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing. It is anti-oxidant and prevents pigmentation
  • Sodium hyaluronate: Containing 1,000 times of its weight in moisture, it hydrates the betwen the skin.
  • Quince extract: Skin realignment, whitening & anti-aging.
  • Tea tree extract: Anti-oxidant & skin conditioning
  • Chrysanthemum indicum Linne extract: Skin soothing & wrinkle alleviation
  • Greed tea extract: Skin soothing & skin conditioning

​✔️  How to use

  1. Put the Centella Cica Cleansing Foam on the palm when washing.
  2. Make dense foam and massage it gently on a moist face for washing.
  3. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water
✔️ Condition: NEW

✔️ Volume : 150ml / 30ml

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