Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo –
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo
Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo

Anti Hair Loss Beer Shampoo

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🌞 Give your hair a break from stress and fine dust
🌞 Cheers to younger looking hair with CHUIHAIR!

✔️ Feature
👉 Treats hair loss / low pH / Contains brewer's yeast and fermented ingredients Excellent scalp cleansing
👉 Strengthens roots and alleviates scalp irritation Smoothes hair
👉 Beer scalp natural complex™ is composed of brewer's yeast and premium fermented ingredients which balances the skin on the scalp to boost healthy hair growth.
👉Cleanses without causing scalp irritation due to its naturally derived surfactant properties
👉 Has the same consistency as beer foam
👉 CHUI HAIR’s original microbiome balancing Beer scalp natural complex ™

✔️ Ingredient
🌸Beer Enzyme is a gluteen found in brown rice that can be used for all hair types (Dry. Oily, combination hair)
- Beer enzymes contains plenty of Vitamins, mineral, and proteins that makes a hair follicle healthier and prevents hair loss, and promotes hair growth.
🌸 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract
- It has great ability of improving rough skin caused by strong sunlight and hydrate/ nuorish the skin
- Plant derived and skin conditioner. Mainly used for oily and acne prone skin. It contains plenty of amino acid,vitamins and minerals, improving skin tone.
- Strengthening skin barriers by reducing skin water lose
🌸 Bifida Fermented Lysate
- Concentrated fermented lysate from strict extraction
- Diverse ingredients to revive the skin
- Smoothes skin texture
🌸 Lactobacillus fermented lysate
- Effectively brightens skin by inhibiting melanin production
- Effectively enhances skin immunity and reduces skin irritation
- Excellent soothing and hydrating effects

✔️ Capacity : 100 ml

✔️ Country of Manufacture : Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Im very happy everything packed neat and nice, the product itself looks legit, been wanting to try this out ☺️💕 currently on binge to find the best anti-hair loss shampoo at an affordable price. Oh ya love the mini notes, definitely going to use Chuihair in future too..😌👍🏻✨


Looks really like a bottle of beer, feeling like washing my hair being drunk


Great buy during sales
Got cheaper price
Thank you seller for the gifts mask and wipes
Will buy again....


My 2nd purchased. I bought 1 for my mum to try it out . It’s really growth some baby hair out after I using this everyday .

Anthony Chow

Recently I'm having loss hair every day. I'hv used many products before and finally, I found a great item for me.
Smell good and I feel fresher after showering. It's very good!!!