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Father's Day Special Set 2

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All-in-one Rejuvenated Skin Care & Anti-Wrinkle Lotion for men (140ml/70ml)

MD638 all in one lotion for men, natural ingredients essential oils daily smooth and
rejuvenated skin care anti wrinkle facial moisturizer for men.

✔Product details:
Anti-aging,Essence,Lotion,man of men! Man's Cosmetics,Skin,Technical 3-In-One
 - Soothing/ Anti-aging/ Wrinkle Improvement/ Whitening
 - Moisturizing/ Soothing after shaving
 - Multi care: All-in -one function . Toner, lotion, and essence are wrapped in one
 - Moisturizing: It keeps skin dewy with natural moisture ingredients and botanic
hyaluronic acid
 - Soothing: It protects skin from external stress and soothes it with herbal extracts
 - Brightening: Containing adenosine, niacinamide . Double function ; wrinkle
improvement and whitneing
 - Irritation feeling zero: Refreshing light feeling

✔Country of Manufacture: Korea
✔ Condition: NEW
✔Volume: 140ml

Cleanser for 3 in1 (Face + Body + Hair Shampoo)

You don't need a shampoo, a face wash, and a body cleanser separately. You
just need one fantastic item in your shower.

✔Product details:
- Suitable for travel & home use
 - Convenience for all-purpose
 - 3 in 1 function
1) Face Cleanser
2) Hair Shampoo
3) Body Cleanser

✔Country of Manufacture: Korea
✔Condition: NEW
✔Volume: 120ml

Ultra Natural 4GF Men's Skin Lotion All-in-One (120ml)

✔Product details:
 - Five seconds of men's skincare. A substance containing amino acid components
of EGF,FGF,IGF and TGF. An expensive ingredient that increases the skin barrier
from the outside to the inside of the skin.
 - From a rough, dreary man's skin to a handsome man's skin.
​It contains 4GF, an expensive ingredient that strengthens the skin barrier and
improves elasticity and tone of skin, so it takes care of smooth skin.
 - Quickly soothes skin irritated by shaving, ultraviolet rays, etc
It is rich in hydration ingredients such as Ceramide Enpi and glycerin and contains
Centella extract, forming a moisturizing membrane on the skin and calming down
-  Whitening Wrinkle Enhancement for Men with High External Activities
​For men who are exposed to ultraviolet rays such as outdoor work, driving, and
sports activities, whitening and wrinkle improvement functions are certified to
brighten and make skin elastic.
-  5 in 1 Care for Busy Modern Men
Keep skin + lotion + essence + moisture cream + nutrition cream that men need in a
bottle and take care of it easily and thoroughly
 - Food and Drug Administration-certified whitening and double-donated cosmetics
to improve wrinkles 

✔Country of Manufacture: Korea
✔Condition: NEW
✔Volume: 120ml


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