Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry) –
Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry)
Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry)
Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry)
Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry)
Dr. EL

Premium Kids Toothpaste (Strawberry)

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✔️ Feature

  • Why children exclusive tooth paste is needed?
  1. Prevent cavity
    Children tends to like sweet foods but not very good at tooth brushing. So our product has high cleaning efficiency.
  2. Brushing habit.
    Our product has sweet taste and scent so children won’t feel resistance.
  3. Natrual ingredient
    Harmless to children’s health, mild for sensitive children, helps oral hygeine
  • Made for babies and kids, this renowned toothpaste is recognised and approved by the top Korean hospitals and dentists. A natural toothpaste specially formulated by ELmeditec (the No. 1 dental specialist group in Korea), it includes a total of 6 organic components, the most in the industry. It is also widely used by many celebrities, paying testament to the quality of this product. In fact, it is the No. 1 Toothpaste for Baby and Kids in Korea in 2018!
  • Made with a total of 6 organic components, namely Rosemary, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Green tea & Sage, Dr EL Premium Natural Kids Toothpaste makes use of the natural elements and benefits of these components to promote healthy tooth enamel, keeps teeth strong, and even prevents cavities. Not only does using the toothpaste regularly reduce bad breath and plaque formation, it also strengthens the gum and prevents gum bleeding!
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✔️ Volume : 75g

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