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Dr. Pelo

Refresh Your Hair and Scalp in Seconds with Junivuni Hair & Scalp Wipes

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✔ Product feature 

  • Selected as an excellent product at the 2021 SBA Seoul Awards.
  • Refreshing feeling with instant cooling lasts up to 1 hour
  • Do not wash waste products, sweat, oil, dust, etc., or rinse with water.
  • It volatilizes quickly without leaving any moisture, leaving it soft
  • Calming effect of itching or troubles on the scalp
  • There is clinical data that it was judged as non-irritating in the skin irritation test.
  • No worries for those with thin hair, as the hair roots do not sink after wiping and natural styling is possible!
  • Contains rich moisturizing ingredients to prevent the scalp and hair from drying out
  • The subtle lavender scent lasts for a deodorizing effect on the top of the head and the bad smell on the hair.
  • Patent No. 10-0910747 Patented extract (a plant extract complex with excellent antibacterial, anti-acne, skin soothing, moisturizing and sebum control activity)
  • Contains 11 kinds of natural extracts that are excellent for improving hair loss and scalp troubles
  • Characteristics of main ingredients: Centella asiatica extract - scalp calming effect, Sauerkraut root extract - alleviating skin troubles, supplying scalp nutrition,
  • Aloe vera leaf extract-moisturizing effect, maintaining moist scalp and hair, calamus root extract-relieving itchy scalp, inhibiting dandruff production

✔ How to use

  • After opening the pouch, gently massage the scalp with a sheet of paper and wipe the hair first, then wipe the hair along the hair. No need to rinse with water, just dry and tidy your hair after use.
  • When drying in a hurry, avoid hot wind from a hair dryer.
  • As it contains ingredients to keep hair and scalp moisturized, let it dry naturally as much as possible, and if necessary, you can wipe it with cold wind from a hair dryer or a towel.

✔ Caution

  1. When using cosmetics or after use, please consult with a specialist if there is any abnormal symptom or side effect such as red spot, sweling, or itching in direct sunlight.
  2. Do not use in wounded areas.
  3. Precautions for storage and handling A. keep out of reach of children. B. Store away from direct sunlight.
  4. wash immediately when in the eyes.
✔Country of Manufacture: Korea

✔ Condition: NEW

✔ Volume: 13.5*3*13.5(cm)/140g

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Refresh Your Hair and Scalp in Seconds with Junivuni Hair & Scalp Wipes

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